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Organization (Greek Immigration Museum)

ELMME is a Greek non profit organization that its mission is to contribute at the work of the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism for the establishing of Greek Immigration Museum, to grow its current collection and generally to display the Greek’s immigration’s history.

ELMME is asking for your participation by helping us gather Oral testimonies and Greek immigrant memorabilia - things worth remembering, items reflecting the expression of our shared Greek Canadian heritage in home, school, business, medicine, education, law, military etc.
The ELMME is on a search to obtain items to add to its growing collection such as furniture, photographs, books, clothing, household goods, awards, and much more. We all have accumulated items that trigger these precious memories which can be shared and viewed at the Museum.

These objects may be donated or exhibited on a temporary loan basis. We hope that we can use some of them in the Greek Immigration Museum collection to expand the visitor's experience at the museum.      In this search, it will be great to inform us for any similar existing collection worldwide.   

By honoring the past generations and investing in our future generations, we have a contract with national heritage - with the immigrants, heroes, and all those to whom we must pass the torch.

*To inquire about donating objects please call Mob: 0030-6933134222, Office: 0030- 2109322388                  (Mr. Raptopoulos) or mail your information to: elmme2010@gmail.com
You can learn more about the ELMME by visiting our website at: http://elmme2010.blogspot.gr/

Examples of some of our current need (period 1900’s-1930, 1950-1974, Minus Asia’s immigration in 1922 and 1990 - today):
-         Furniture, household goods, clothing
-         Card-postal, memorabilia, souvenirs.
-         Letters, official documents, licenses, diplomas, etc.
-         Old photographs of Greek immigrant men/women working at their jobs
-         Old photographs of Greek immigrants (families; adults with their children) just arriving to Canada or to their city destination.
-         In addition, objects from various trades, industries and professions that Greeks pursued and established during the early immigrant years.

By sharing our common wish, we are relying on your help and we are expecting your dynamic participation.

41 Myriofytou street, Nea Smyrni

*Decision of the Ministry of Culture and Piraeus Port Organisation: Investment plan “Piraeus Cultural     Coast” 

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