We are seeking to create Britain’s first major Migration Museum telling the story of movement into and out of the UK in a really fresh and engaging way. Led by Barbara Roche, former Minister for Immigration, a group of experienced professionals from immigration, human rights, museum, literary and artistic backgrounds has devised and driven this creative project forward, and scoping research has been completed, published by IPPR.

Britain has thousands of museums dedicated to a variety of themes – Aerospace, Golf, Toys, Wool, Rowing and Stained Glass – but no major, comprehensive Migration Museum.  The US has Ellis Island and Britain needs something similar – an inspiring and moving institution to celebrate the role that migration has played in the national story.  The museum will be an enquiry into who we are, where we came from and where we are going.  Britons at home and abroad have a shared cultural history and an exciting future. We aim to represent the thrilling tales, the emotion and the history that have gone into shaping our national fabric; we aim to be the museum of all our stories.